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The Top Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are samples available?

2. How do I select the correct skin profile products for my skin type?

3. Where do I find a list of your ingredients?

4. How do I know what Foundation shade to use for my skin?

5. Do you offer a sunscreen?

6. Without chemicals, how are your products preserved?

7. Do you offer private labeling?

8. Where are the products manufactured and shipped from?

9. What is the difference between organic and certified organic?

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Trial size product samples are available for purchase. Initial offerings will include our certified organic Foundations, Moisturizers, Shampoos, Hair Conditioner, Body Wash, and Body Crème. The costs are listed on the website.

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ONE Group’s Miessence products are designed around four different skin profiles. You may find you’ll want to mix-and-match different products from the different profiles to perfectly suit your skin, which is fine!

BALANCING (Normal/Combination Skin)
• even skin tone
• fine to average pore size
• some enlarged pores
• some T-zone oiliness
• occasional breakouts
• some blackheads

REJUVENATING (Dry/Mature Skin)
• loss of elasticity
• varying pore size
• some dry patches
• no sheen/dull complexion
• can feel tight and dry
• may have surface capillaries

PURIFYING (Oily/Problem Skin)
• oily sheen
• breakouts/blemishes
• congestion/clogging
• open pores
• blackheads
• redness

SOOTHING (Sensitive Skin)
• may have surface capillaries
• can feel irritated, itchy and hot
• can appear blotchy
• may have flaky patches
• allergic reactions common
• flushed and red easily

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Because we have nothing to hide, ONE Group openly discloses all ingredients for all of its products in our printed material and on our website. Please visit our website at www.theorganicplace.com, sign in, click on "Take me to the Products", and select any of our product categories displayed on the upper right hand side of the home page. This will display a list of products within that range. Simply click on the text link for your product of interest and a detailed explanation of the product and the complete ingredient list will be displayed.

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ONE Group’s Miessence Translucent Foundations are available in four different shades. We’ve added the names of some celebrities to help in your selection.

PORCELAIN: Fair Skin Types ~ Gwyneth Paltrow and Nicole Kidman VANILLA: Olive, natural tan skin ~ Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie HONEY: Golden tan, dark skin ~ Jennifer Lopez and Salma Hayek ALMOND: Dark skin ~ Halle Berry and Beyonce’

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A sunscreen is currently in development and undergoing testing. As you are already aware, the need for a certified organic sunscreen is critical. We are committed to providing our sunscreen to the international marketplace just as soon as possible. Please note that our Translucent Foundations do provide protection against pollution, UV rays and free radicals.

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Unique blends of Tee Tree Essential Oil, Thyme Essential Oil, Bitter Orange Extract and other certified organic ingredients are combined to not only enhance but to extend the lifespan of our products.

All Miessence products have an expiration date of eighteen months. This may be extended through refrigeration, but the potency and nutritional value of any product will diminish with time. Each product is labeled with a creation date stamp.

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ONE Group does not offer the private labeling of its products we prefer to support our retailing partners through the establishment of strong brand name recognition.

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All ONE Group Miessence and MiEnviron products are formulated and packaged at our corporate campus near Brisbane, Australia. USA deliveries are made from our distribution center in Nevada while International orders are shipped from Australia. Delivery times from receipt of order are typically between 3-10 business days.

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To obtain organic certification for a product a minimum of 95% of all ingredients of agricultural origin must be certified organic. The remaining 5% of ingredients are also bound by strict guidelines. They are, for example, not permitted to be synthetic chemicals or artificially processed ingredients.

The benefits of certified organic products and processes:

Independent third-party guarantee of quality, and purity of ingredients.
Safe, clean and potent plant extracts of high vitality.
Sustainable agriculture that respects, supports and nurtures the complete ecology and energy of our planet.
Authenticity and integrity of organic and natural claims.
Prevention of damage to the environment and humans by the poisonous chemicals used in conventional agriculture.

While 'natural' and 'organic' claims abound, the only way you can be certain is by using a fully certified organic range of products.Back to Top


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